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Great American Technical Services is your source for multimedia designs

Great American Technical Services provides Engineering Design Services for multimedia systems used in high end Home Theaters, Churches, Conference rooms, TV Studios, Cable head ends, Teleports and others.

We provide the highest quality designs and installations. Our past history of designs is notable for reliability of operations and maintenance.

A thorough study of the human to system interface is undertaken prior to design so the end user will be able to use the multimedia system to its fullest capabilities. As each person or situation  is unique, so each installation and design is unique in structure.

Documentation is delivered with each system for ease of maintenance or expansion.



Great American Technical Services has been involved in the film and video production/post production business for over 20 years. During that time we have developed a unique design software suite that combines graphical capture with related data such a Bills of Materials, and Cable Run List as well as other data that can be extracted by automated software.

Manual extraction of data from a system drawing is completely eliminated. Any design changes are made at one point, the top drawings set symbols. All the other data is then extracted with the corrections already included. This method saves time, money, rework and project delays.

Using this proprietary suite of software, we are able to quickly design a system, extract the cable run list and the bill of materials from a relational data base. This data is used by the Integration Team to rapidly interconnect the system for minimum time to project completion.

Engineering change orders (ECO's) are rapidly exttracted from updated drawings, defining only the differences between the before and after design changes. 

Amblin Entertainment studio control system, Steven Spielberg

Do you already have an installed system but lack comprehensive documentation for maintenance? We can provide a detailed, up to date documentation set for your system based on your existing documentation and reverse engineering of undocumented portions of the current installation. This service includes applying cable labels for ease of fault isolation.


Multimedia Systems Clients

Some distinguished media clients have included Mr Steven Spielberg (Amblin Studios screening room), Eddie Murphy home screening theater (see picture to right) and other media notables who needed a professional, custom control design for home and professional media centers.


Bill Holton, at holtonsys@yahoo.com, call (530) 396 2997
Also, please contact our southern Ca  Business and Technical associate Mark Koenig at,
(805) 443-1663 or mkcalhome1@yahoo.com